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Schlage Electrified LSchlage Electrified L

Schlage Electrified L

The Schlage L Series has long been the benchmark for mortise locks. The L Series electrified mortise lock offers tremendous flexibility which allows it to meet the needs of most every wired application. It features universal input voltage and auto-detects 12 through 24 VDC for installation flexibility. Users can select mode of operation in the field by moving switch on lock chassis; Fail Safe (EL) or Fail Secure (EU). All new modular RX switch monitors the inside lever with enhanced detection level that balances security with lever sensitivity; it can be added at a later time without opening the lock case. Low maximum current draw of 0.4 amps (230 mA) allows multiple locks on a single power supply. Additionally, a holding current of 0.01 amps (10 mA) produces minimal heat, eliminating hot levers in electrically locking applications and allows for reliable operation in poorly ventilated wood doors.

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