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Safe 'n Easy® Oil and Grease Remover

“Do-it-yourself” homeowners are likely to get their hands dirty. From working on cars, lawns, and other heavy-duty projects around the house where oil and grease is involved, there's a chance certain porous surfaces can suck up the mess. There is a safe and effective way to clean motor oil, grease, and other heavy soils from brick, concrete, and asphalt: Safe 'n Easy® Oil and Grease Remover from Dumond Chemicals.

Safe 'n Easy® Oil and Grease Remover is an extremely effective, biodegradable  cleaning product that comes ready to use to specifically clean oil and grease from a number of surfaces. Walkways, barbecue grills, lawn, and playground equipment can also be cleaned with this powerful, non-toxic cleaning product. Combining a tough oil and grease remover with an environmentally friendly formula makes Safe 'n Easy® Oil and Grease Remover one of the best green clean solutions on the market today.

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