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Safe 'n Easy® All Purpose Cleaner

The exterior of buildings are prone to many elements that can negatively impact their architectural appeal. Without the proper products, brick and stone can be difficult to clean and restore to its natural splendor. Buildings with intricate architectural design need specially formulated products that can effectively clean and safely protect the surface without the use of harsh chemicals. Dumond Chemicals offers just such a powerful, versatile product that happens to also be a green clean solution. The Safe 'n Easy® All Purpose Cleaner is a ready-to-use green cleaning product that can safely and effectively clean and restore a wide variety or surfaces, such as brick and stone.

Safe 'n Easy® All Purpose Cleaner contains surfactants for emulsification and optical brightening.  The sequestering agents in this formula helps to prevent redepositation of any emulsified or suspended contaminates. This non-toxic cleaner is also formulated with an optical brightening agent that makes whites whiter and colors brighter. Even as a heavy-duty cleaning and restoration product, Safe 'n Easy® All Purpose Cleaner is 
biodegradable , making it an environmentally friendly cleaning product that requires no masking or collection of harmful materials.

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