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SA22 / SA30 / SA39 BLDC Motor - Inner Rotor typeBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motorSA36 BLDC Motor - Inner Rotor typeSA36-Outer Rotor; SA22/SA30/SA39-Inner Rotor

BLDC Motor - Brushless DC Motor

BLDC Motor


San Hsin Plastech Co., Ltd founded in 1974. BLDC motor controllers play a crucial part in on its good performance.



With more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience and powerful R&D team, we established an brushless DC (BLDC) motors sector to extend our service to electrical industrial or home appliances in different fields.

Our DC Brushless (BLDC) Micro Motors are with 22mm Dia. to 39mm Dia., compact size but with higher torque compared to current market specifications.


Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are more frequently finding their way into an increasing number of medical applications and below listed devices in different fields.



Costs saving including lesser maintenance effort, downtime cost loss plus low power consumption, etc.

The cost of BLDC motor is lower for these systems as compared to their brush type counterparts. 


BLDC motor controllers play a crucial part in on its good performance.


Below is the info sharing regarding BLDC motor to be applied in different fields.


Motorized window system:


Automated equipment and Robot:

- Motor+gear box

- Robotic arm joint


Industrial application:

- Power Tool

- Sawing machine


Home Appliance:

- Dyson Bladeless fan

- Dyson Sonic Hair Dryer

- iRobot Vacuum cleaner

- Food processor

- Food delivery Robot



- Motor Control kits

- Brake Applications

- Powertrain and chassis applications


Medical Applications:

- Breathing devices - e.g. Sleep Apnea Treatment

- Medical tests - Medical analyzers are multi-function machines used to test human bodily fluids such as blood and urine.

- Blood clot prevention - an integral part of Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices are used to keep blood circulating and prevent clotting.

- Mobility equipment - Lifts, patient beds and mobility devices

- Medical equipment - The components for blowers, compressors, medical pumps, surgical instruments and equipment for oxygen concentration and generation.

- Dental Device


automotive applications:

- HVAC blowers

- electric pumps

- cooling fans

- turbo compressors


SH's BLDC micro motor is rather smaller than the ones you can find in the market.


Find below link or come to us to get updated specifications:


Welcome OEM project with customized specifications.

Starting from winding process is our big advantage and good position to service our clients from brand new project.

More SPEC to discuss, please feel free to come to us.

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