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Roxul Soundproofing Rockboard

Quiet Insul is for Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Outdoor use to Soundproof and Absorb Outside Noises.

This specific Quiet Insul is for industrial and outdoor use only. It can be for commercial buildings, outdoor and indoor, and can get wet. Quiet Insul outdoor comes in 2'' inch thick panels that are 24'' x 48''. They are made to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions and are durable enough to drill holes and modify. They can be used outside as well as indoor, machine rooms, AC units, or generators! This Rockboard is high density, high impact resistance. Mostly used for absorption for commercial use. No Itch!

  • 2'' Thick
  • NRC .90
  • Fire Rated
  • Doesn't Absorb Water!
  • Commercial Grade!
  • Comes in 24'' x 48'' Sheets
  • 5 Sheets/Pieces per Bag
  • 40 SF per bag
  • Fire Resistant, Low Moister Sorption, Non-corrosive!
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