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RoofBlue Riser | LiveRoof Hybrid Green RoofsRoofBlue Riser | LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roofs

RoofBlue Riser | LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roofs

You are here: Home » RoofBlue Riser The LiveRoof Integrated RoofBlue® Riser is engineered to provide temporary water detention underneath LiveRoof systems. When used with control flow drains, RoofBlue expands the usefulness of a green roof system as a stormwater management tool: Reduces burden on stormwater systems (may allow for reduced sized drains). Could reduce or eliminate the need for cisterns, underground storage tanks, detention ponds, etc. May reduce stormwater utility charges or qualify for zoning incentives. May allow for overall reduced project cost by combining retention of a green roof and blue roof in a smaller area to meet minimum local stormwater management requirements. Maximum water detention capacity: At 3.5”maximum water depth, RoofBlue provides up to 455 cubic inches (approximately 2 gallons or 7.4 litres) of water detention per square foot.

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