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Roof Protection | Green Roof Products | Green Roof SolutionsRoof Protection Air Layers: ALHD

Roof Protection Air Layers: ALHD

Roof Protection Air Layers: ALHD / ALW The Green Roof Solutions air layers serve multiple purposes. Their main function is to incorporate a thin layer of air within the profile of a green roof system while also providing lateral water movement. These products work in conjunction with the primary drainage component within the green roof system. Common uses of the GRS air layers are to alleviate constant moisture against the membrane in a conventional system or against extruded insulation in an inverted system. GRS air layer products are ideal because they are flexible and lightweight and can withstand heavy loads. Green Roof Solutions ALHD is a high-density polyethylene(HDPE) composite product with filter fabric bonded to both sides. The GRS ALHD works by creating space for water to evaporate within the high-density core. This is ideal when a high load capacity is needed. Green Roof Solutions ALW is a composite product made of recycled polypropylene bonded to a white filter fabric on one side. It is ideal for inverted assemblies with a protection fleece layer.

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