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Retroplate SystemRetroplate System

Retroplate System

RetroPel Email to someonePrint this pageShare on Facebook RetroPel is a stain repellant that has been specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. It was developed as a companion product for maintaining concrete and terrazzo floors treated with the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System. A RetroPlate floor achieves the majority of its strength within the first 48 hours, but the floor continues to tighten-up and complete its seal for up to 6 months following the initial installation. RetroPel resists oil and waterborne stains, and when used in conjunction with RetroPlate, it will provide additional protection during the initial chemical reaction. RetroPel has been formulated with advanced, water-based fluoropolymers to protect against tough oil and water-based stains. The small molecular structure of RetroPel allows for maxium penetration and provides coverage rates higher than many other sealers. The product is not a topical sealer, but rather, a penetrating sealer that fills the microscopic gaps that occur in the floor’s crystalline structure, and does not change the appearance of concrete or terrazzo. As with all sealers, both penetration and topical, the benefit of the RetroPel is to provide a window of opportunity to clean-up spills before they can penetrate the floor. NOTE: Spills must still be cleaned on a regular basis. PRODUCT BENEFITS Provides protection for concrete and terrazzo.

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