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Retrofit Solutions

L.A. Lighting’s LED Retrofit Solutions – The Universal Solution

Here at L.A. Lighting, we provide our customers with LED retrofit solutions for our own fixtures, but what about any fixture out in the market?  There are hundreds of universal LED retrofit kits out in the market, most being manufactured abroad.  But do contractors and customers want kits or solutions?  A kit can simply include LED strips connected to a driver with wires, which leaves the contractor with a lengthy install.  A solution on the other hand, takes into account all aspects of the install, from mounting to wiring, and simplifies it for the contractor. Among our proprietary selection of retrofit solutions, our RGHL300 Retrofit Solution Series not only retrofits the GHL/FHL/MHL series, but is universal and can be applied to close to 95% of the modular troffers in the market in less than a five minute install ……of course it is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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