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Restoration Ex-Post 3D plans

Rilievo Laser (laser survey) is software which permits a genuine ex-post 3D plan of a structure, fully mapping the restoration work carried out.
Rilievo Laser allows one to move virtually inside the restored structure and consult data and images of each relevant aspect such as position, size, type of work, quantity of material used and photos before and after the restoration.
The file is given to the customer as part of the Drytech Quality Dossier and allows issues to be verified: for example, to identify if any infiltration post-restoration comes from areas already treated.

The software was developed in 2009 by Drytech Engineering in collaboration with SIR from Turin, to be used during restoration of the Algiers metro.
On completion of the restoration work, Drytech gave the Algerian Ministry of Transport a detailed electronic plan of the work carried out along the 4 km of tunnels and 5 stations. 


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