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Resources for Architects

Resources for Architects Fire Rated Assemblies Use our AGDesignLibrary tool to search our database of UL approved fire rated assemblies. Fire Safety Information Information related to 5/8" Type X Gypsum Wallboard Standards, Testing, and Certification Leed Contributions For your convenience, this area contains information on the environmental attributes of our products, regional maps of our manufacturing facilities, as well as the USGBC - LEED v3 categories related to our product lines. CSI 3 Part Specification CSI three part template for design professionals. Sound Rated Assemblies The AGDesignLibrary tool can help you find the proper assembly to achieve your desired STC rating. Sustainable Practices An informative overview of American Gypsum's sustainable manufacturing practices. Mold Prevention Information Information related to best practices to avoid mold growth. Gypsum Association Literature Downloadable literature related to Levels of Finish, Product Use, Proper Product Installation, etc. Drywall Finishing Council Helps the industry with standards for both specification and finishing of gypsum wallboard. Important Industry Links

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