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Residential Lighting | NEEP

Residential Lighting

It has been a long journey working to transform the residential lighting market. Efficient residential lighting, one of the longest standing efficiency program measures, saw several groundshifting market developments in the past year. Most notably, the introduction of lower-lifetime LEDs disrupted the market with their significantly lower price points; smart lighting products coming to market; and changing federal standards and specifications. Looking forward, there are significant quantities of savings that remain in the residential lighting market. The Path Forward In conjunction with the 2015-2016 RLS Update, NEEP leads a leadership advisory committee that brings together leaders from efficiency programs and manufacturers to focus on residential lighting. There are several market opportunities that programs can take advantage of, such as LED popularity; smart lighting; ENERGY STAR Luminaire Specification; improved linear fluorescent efficiency; and advancement of national efforts, in which they can leverage and transform the market. NEEP found that through a Market Adoption Model analysis, in aggregate, the regional gross annual savings potential was in the 2-3 TWh range. NEEP is confident that the region can achieve market transformation. The regional goal NEEP has put forward is to reach a socket saturation of 80-90 percent efficient quality lighting by 2022. Over the course of the next 5 years, that could add up to over 15 TWh of total savings for the region.

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