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Get Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Credits

What EACs Are Energy attribute certificates (EACs) are the leading way organizations use green power globally. Known as RECs in North America, GOs in the EU, and I-RECs in many developing markets, EACs are used by thousands of organizations to meet renewable energy commitments or carbon reduction goals. They are recognized for their value as a renewable energy market indicator by the US EPA, the GHG Protocol, CDP, and WRI, among others. Fortune 500 with RE goal 43% Fortune 100 with RE goal 60% An EAC verifies that one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity was generated by a clean power facility and added to the electric grid. When the electricity is generated, an EAC is created simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio. Once renewable electricity joins the grid, there’s no way to accurately track it. Organizations that own EACs in a corresponding volume to the amount of purchased electricity consumed are assured that the equivalent volume of green power was generated.

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