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Renesas Starter Kit for RX66T

The Renesas Starter Kit for RX66T is the perfect starter kit for developers who are new to the RX66T(Code Flash 512KB, Pin Count 100-pin).

The kit includes an LCD display module and an on-chip debugging emulator. The integrated development environment is provided by Renesas Web, so you can start evaluating RX66T immediately after opening the box.Please use this product to experience the performance and functions of the RX66T.


  • Devices:

RX66T(R5F566TEADFP: Code Flash 512KB, Pin Count 100-pin),

or RX66T(R5F566TEEDFP: Supported Encrypt Function, Code Flash 512KB, Pin Count 100-pin)

  • RX66T builds in Trusted Secure IP Lite. AES encryption function and robust key management can be evaluated (*).
  • Such as CAN, IIC and SCI the communication function can be evaluated.
  • Sample codes will be available in Renesas Web site. They make it easy to understand the coding technique.
  • Required IBM-PC compatible PC(need USB interface, Processor 1GHz over), OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7(other than the listed OS is not supported)
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