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CleanRiver has helped some of the largest manufacturing facilities of cell phones and automobiles save thousands of dollars in waste disposal and safety equipment by designing customized recycling bins to support their unique recycling program needs.

One manufacturing facility with 5000+ employees was disposing of hundreds of safety glasses a day.  CleanRiver’s 2-stream Flex E™ Bin with customized top plates was the perfect solution. Placed right next to the safety glass dispensary, the Flex E™ Bin aids in collecting not only the used glasses but the plastic film removed upon first use. These glasses are now recycled and reused and have generated a huge cost savings for the plant.

A similar concept was applied to cotton and nitrile gloves when another facility found that hundreds of gloves were being thrown in the trash on a daily basis. CleanRiver provided the Flex E™ Bin with the unique glove design top plate and now all cotton and nitrile gloves can be collected, washed, repurposed and/ or recycled.

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