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Nickel Gap is a tongue and groove product with a tongue that is longer than the groove.Nickel gap reclaimed boards with a variety of natural finishesAvailable finishes for the nickel gap boards.Reclaimed Nickel Gap BoardsReclaimed Nickel Gap BoardsReclaimed Nickel Gap Boards

Reclaimed Nickel Gap Boards

Nickel Gap is often mistaken for shiplap. In fact some folks install shiplap using spacers to achieve the nickel gap look. Nickel Gap is milled using a tongue and groove technique where the tongue is longer than the groove. This creates a gap between the boards of 1/8", which is approximately the thickness of a nickel. Nickel gap can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications and are available in many different finishes as you can see below. These boards are 3/8" thick with a 4.5" face and come in 4' or 6' lengths. These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying credits MR3, MR4, and MR5 under LEED®. Our 6 foot long boards will cover approximately 2.25 square feet and our 4 foot long boards will cover approximately 1.5 square feet.

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