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InventDev – Real Estate Visualization. Re-invented.

Real Estate Visualization. Re-invented.

INTERACTIVE WALKTHROUGH BENEFITS Our Digital Model Homes accelerate sales and increase profitability. Here's how. Build Better Homes Mistakes not seen until construction are expensive, time-consuming and can completely derail development. 3D simulations let you integrate feedback from your team and stakeholders. What's being built is better, helps speed up construction and creates more desirable living spaces. Build More for Less Forget the hassle, months of delays, and upfront expense of building a sales centre and model home. Skip the delays and sunk costs with interactive experiences that truly show off everything, and cost a fraction of the cost of a single physical model home. Attract Buyers 9 out of 10 buyers start their new home search online. Setting yourself apart from the start is key to generating buzz and promising leads. Our digital model homes engage buyers and increase registrations from online, mobile, tablet and social media sales channels. Example Show Off Everything Physical model homes give people a single glance at your entire development. Asking them to imagine the other floorplans does not generate engagement or sales. Interactive walkthroughs let you show off every floor plan and every option. Now buyers can see and explore the spaces they want. Get to Work Sooner Offering flat approximations of your development decreases collaboration and extends the consultation process.

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