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Climate changes are unavoidable natural events that re-occur every few hundred million years. However, Politicians, Regulators and Facility Operators need to exercise responsible leadership to prevent, or at least reduce, manmade pollution that creates unnecessary negative impact on our only inhabitable planet.

The patent pending UV-DOX Reactor combats and mitigates noxious odours, harmful organisms and toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) via destruction of molecular bonds in compounds and DNA in organisms.

The UV-DOX Reactor achieves superior efficiency at reasonable cost by combining a high intensity ultra-violet (UVC) light, a multi-pass baffle system and a hydroxyl radical producing TiO2 coating.

UV-DOX Reactor efficiency may vary depending on contaminated fluid pressure, volume, temperature, agitation, concentration, composition or flow velocity. However, laboratory testing confirmed significant overall destruction efficacy related to, for example: Sulfur Dioxide, Ammonia, Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide and Nitrogen Oxides.

A lifetime commitment by Reinhard Schuetz, P. Eng. to Petroleum Industry engineering, as well as to a cleaner environment, culminated in developing the UV-DOX Reactor and establishment of ‘UV-DOX EnviroTek’. Prior involvements also entailed being a consulting engineering company Partner, a biodiesel association Director and a storage tank fabrication company President, as well as responsible for Dual-containment Heated Storage Tank and Condensing Unit patents.

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