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RAFTERS & ROOF FRAMING lamco-rafter-job-large lamco-rafters-large Gallery p1020344-large p1020341-large p1020330-large p1020329-large p1020328-large p1020327-large p1020326-large p1020325-large lamco-rafter-job-site-large lamo-rafters-picture-large p1020320-large lamco-rafter-job-large p1020317-large p1020315-large p1020314-large p1020313-large p1020312-large p1020310-large p1020309-large p1020308-large lamco-rafters-large p1020304-large Documentation No Documentation Never been easier with LAMCO LFL® for Roofs and Rafters framing! You can frame with Ridge Board and Collar-Tie. Engineered for 24"o.c optimized design spacing. Every piece is “Straight and True”: no more “wavy” roof. Save time not having to “Crown or Valley” your pieces. Save money knowing you’ll use every piece. Use conventional framing methods to cut your bevels and compound miter profiles. For hangers and fasteners, use inexpensive & easy to find framing hardware. Use our deeper depths to achieve insulating requirements of new building codes. No bevel plates or stiffeners required because you can frame like dimensional lumber.

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