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ProSelect™ Commercial Wrap

PRODUCT: ProSelect™ Commercial Wrap ITEM ID: TWC5X200 When the project requires a strong and durable wrap, ProSelect™ is the choice for the professional builder. Whether the job specification is for a base line wrap, or to be the primary wrap in a stucco or stone application where the wrap provides the primary drain plane, or any other traditional housewrap use, then PROSELECT™ is an ideal choice. Manufactured in an identical process as our TWD but without the drainage plane creating filaments, PROSELECT™ is a heavy duty product that will endure the tests of time and wind to provide the needed moisture management on the wall. With a perm rating of 19, the drying of the structure from inevitable moisture intrusion will be first rate and efficient with PROSELECT™. In a convenient and easily handled 5 foot by 200 foot roll weighing only 25 pounds, PROSELECT™ is easy to use at any level of the wall. No more trying to fight the wind as the oversized roll becomes a sail. PROSELECT™ is unique in its development for focusing on improving the building quality as well as the installation quality. VAPOR PERMEABLE (perm rating of 19) This innovative product effectively eliminates excess moisture and mitigates the damaging effects of mold and rot. MEET ALL EXISTING CODE REQUIREMENTS Choosing the right housewrap requires an understanding of the product's key attributes, including Water Resistance, Durability and Vapor Permeability.

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