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Watts Radiant - ProMeltProMelt


ProMeltElectric Snow and Ice Melting With winter comes beautiful snowfalls that bring stunning scenery and fun activities. Unfortunately, a snowfall can also bring slippery walk paths, snow covered driveways, and damaged surfaces caused by snow-shoveling. ProMelt™ electric snow melting provides you with the perfect solution to these problems. Easily install ProMelt under a variety surfaces and enjoy the beauty of winter, without the hassles. What Is Electric Snow Melting? Electric snow melting involves installing a heating element beneath outside surfaces. When activated, the surface is heated and the snow or ice is melted. It's that simple. ProMelt heated sidewalk ProMelt Mats Simplicity sets ProMelt Mats apart from other snow melting products. We've spaced the wires for you, so installation is faster and worry-free. ProMelt Mat Installation Cross Section Installation Mats are easy to customize to fit surfaces of any shape and size. Easily cut mats to move around corners and turns. Technical Single point connection. Comes in 120V, 208V, 240V Wire Construction Polyurethane outer jacket Foil Shield Braided copper ground plane High-temperature ETFE element covering Low-oxygen copper alloy ProMelt Cable Versatility makes ProMelt Cable the fantastic choice for your snow melting project. Any size, any shape.

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