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ExtremeGreen | Subflooring

Subflooring extremegreen flooring represents a quantum shift in flooring technology and has been designed to replace plywood and OSB floor sheathing. Manufactured in a strict quality controlled environment, extremegreen is made from 100% inorganic inputs. This means no rot, mold or mildew, termites, warping, swelling or delamination. Mid-rise or high-rise, commercial or residential, extremegreen allows you to build more for less in any season. extremegreen flooring panels are ideal for High-Rise and Multifamily applications extremegreen eliminate the need for lightweight gypsum, or ‘Gypcrete’ extremegreen posses unparalleled acoustical performance, both STC and IIC extremegreen flooring panels are ASTM E84 / UL 723 Class A1 fire rated - 0 flame spread and 0 smoke developed extremegreen flooring panels are installed with standard tools, methods and fasteners extremegreen flooring panels can be nailed or screwed directly to wood or steel framing extremegreen flooring panels meet and exceed Exposure 1 requirements, allowing you to build all year round extremegreen is impervious to water extremegreen is dimensionally stable when wet extremegreen does not warp, swell or delaminate extremegreen provides a superior flooring solution that is unaffected by environmental exposure during construction Note: No plywood or OSB flooring panel can claim an ASTM E84 / UL 723 fire rating of 0 flame spread and 0 smoke developed rating

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