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PRO WALL Maintain | GSky Living Green Walls

PRO WALL Maintain

Pro Wall® Maintain Overview Design Install CAD & Specs Gallery GSky’s Maintenance Program GSky’s 3-point maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the industry. GSky requires maintenance on all of its walls for the first year. Only through proper maintenance will your Green Wall be a beautiful and long-lasting piece of art. One major challenge with a Green Wall’s maintenance is access. If the wall is installed in a location which is difficult or costly to access on a regular basis, there is an increased risk of plant failure. Proper lifts, ladders or other access systems must be budgeted for, storage planned for, and training for technicians provided. Another key requirement for the success of your interior green wall is lighting. Installing adequate lighting to provide the appropriate light levels will enable your plants to thrive in less than natural conditions.

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