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Pro Series 3 MonitorPro Series 3 Monitor

Pro Series 3 Monitor

Pro Series 3 Monitor The Safety Siren Pro Series 3 electronic detector is the most popular US-manufactured continuous radon monitor on the market. Radon Environmental It is designed for use by the homeowner. Low cost, this radon device has a digital display that allows the homeowner to monitor the average radon level in their home. It has been tested by the EPA and proven to accurately measure radon. Key features: plugs into a standard 110-volt household outlet using the attached 10 foot power cord may be placed face-up on a tabletop, counter top, or any flat surface where the ventilation slots will not be blocked digital readout displays a continuous average reading of the radon level in your home in Bq/m³ short-term and long-term display options: short-term average readout of the last seven days, long-term cumulative average readout from the day it was first plugged in samples air continuously audible alarm sounds if the long-term measurement reaches 200 Bq/m³ or if the short-term measurement stays above 200 Bq/m³ for 30 consecutive days sensor uses Ionization Chamber technology conducts failsafe self-test every 24 hours 1 year manufacturer warranty

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