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Simple steps to a beautiful lawn with Pearl's Premium grass seed » Lawn and Grass Seed for Ultra Low Maintenance Lawns: Pearl's Premium

Premium grass seed

Low Maintenance Lawn Care Once your Pearl's Premium lawn is well-established, follow these steps to maintain a beautiful lawn and capture the benefits of a low maintenance lawn care program. Simplified Instructions: Mow your lawn at least 3" high (ideally once ever 3-4 weeks) with a sharp blade Use a mulching mower and leave the clippings to return nutrients to soil Spread an organic fertilizer in spring and fall or top dress with 1/4" of compost annually Aerate your lawn once a year (ideally in the spring) to introduce oxygen into the soil Avoid watering to encourage deep root growth Detailed Instructions for Maintaining the Ultimate Green Lawn: Surface Rake your lawn to clear clippings, stones and thatch. In spring, only rake surface (do not deep dethatch) to avoid bringing up weed seeds to the surface. Lime to Make Soil Less Acidic: Test soil to find the right amount of lime to bring soil between 6 and 7 pH or just use a simple rule of thumb of top spreading one 40 pound bag of pellet lime for every 1,000 square feet of lawn to make pH more neutral. This will encourage grass growth and discourage weeds growth. Core Aerate to Loosen Soil : Use an aerator that punches holes to bring air and water to the roots and lessen compaction of the soil.

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