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Post Beam Caps

PB & EPB Series Offer complete installation flexibility before, during or after beams are erected.. all corners are enclosed for added structural strength and a clean, neat appearance. EPB .. end post beam cap can be specified as EPB4, EPB6, etc. PB post beam caps should be used in pairs (see illustration). Post beam caps are also available on special order for rough beam sizes.

Eliminate expensive, time consuming rafter notching ... provide wind and seismic ties for trusses and rafters ... fulfill specifications for resistance to lateral and uplift conditions ... Also for general purpose tie use, strongback or attachments where one member crosses another.

Provide for faster, more economical and secure method for anchoring wood framing to masonry or concrete. Used for wind resistance or seismic conditions. The Stud Plate Ties fasten the bottom plate or the top plate (double plate) to the studs.

For quick, easy installation between plywood panels for roof sheathing or panelized construction .. provide structural support .. reduce normal plywood deflection between panels .. embossed dimples/built-in spacer type feature provide APA recommended 1/8" gap.

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