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Portland Column

Everyone needs support in their lives. Most homes in the northeast are built with columns (aka: lally columns). Installed for structural support and usually found in basements, the distinctive red poles are 16 or 11 gauge steel tubes filled with premium concrete. Portland Columns are used as structural members to transfer axial compressive loads, from steel or wood beams, to footings. Portland Stone Ware has been a family owned and operated business dating back to its inception in 1847. Starting off as one of the largest manufactures of vitrified salt-glazed sewer pipe and firebrick on the east coast. By World War II, the industry changed. Moving away from clay products in the 1960s, PSW began to solely fabricate Portland concrete filled Columns by 1970s. House columns continue to be an important standard to most homes to help prevent homes from collapsing from extensive decay and fires. It’s been PSW’s commitment to provide the best quality concrete filled column to the enduring building industry. Sizes The 16 gauge steel columns ranging from 6’ to 12’ in height, sizes 3½” and 4” diameter are the most common sizes used in the industry. Columns are packaged 10 per bundle. Column Diameter Lengths Available 3 1/2" 16 gauge 6' to 12' See ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93.36.02 4" 16 gauge 6' to 14' See ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93.36.02 4" 11 gauge 6' to 18' 6" 11 gauge 6' to 14'

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