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THE EVOLUTION OF THE PROVEN CLASSIC PORAVER® X – EXPANDED GLASS Poraver® X expanded glass is characterized by its unique properties and wide variety of applications. In comparison to the classic Poraver®, the water absorption and the chemical stability of the new product could be optimized. Poraver® X is also brighter in the grain color and therefore suitable for particularly color-sensitive final products. PORAVER® X – EXPANDED GLASS DESIGNED FOR READY-MIXED PRODUCTS The special combination of high-quality raw materials gives Poraver® X its closed surface. As a result, water absorption is significantly reduced – without the addition of a hydrophobic agent. Its special characteristics enables the formulation of emulsions with long-term stability and a long shelf life. Poraver_X_Diagramm_Grafik_TDS_EN THE PORAVER® X ADVANTAGES Since the granules consist of pure glass, Poraver® X is also not flammable (building material class A1) and does not develop any harmful gases during a fire. The spherical grain provides excellent pourability and enables easy conveying and dosing in the production process. Very low water absorption Poraver - Bullet point High degree of chemical resistance Poraver - Bullet point Very lightweight and pressure-resistant Poraver - Bullet point 100 % mineral Poraver - Bullet point Spherical grain PoraverX_Kugeln Poraver - Bullet point Tested suitability in pasty systems Poraver - Bullet point Very pale granule color

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