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PORAVER® Blähglas

PORAVER® Blähglas

PORAVER® - THE LIGHTWEIGHT AGGREGATE MADE OF POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED GLASS Our creamy-white lightweight aggregate with bulk densities starting at 190 kg/m³ is 100 % mineral, free of broken grains and available in different grain sizes from 0.04 mm to 4 mm. With Poraver® expanded glass, industrial products become more lightweight, more economical and easier to work with. The unique combination of positive features and benefits makes Poraver® versatile. WHAT ARE PORAVER® EXPANDED GLASS GRANULES? We manufacture our fine-pored granules from recycled glass which the glass industry cannot use to make new bottles and glasses. Construction material manufacturers and other industries use Poraver® as a raw material and lightweight filler to improve the properties of their end products. Poraver® combines many outstanding features in a single product: Lightweight & pressure-resistant Poraver - Bullet point 100 % mineral Poraver - Bullet point Spherical grain shape Poraver - Bullet point No hazards to health Poraver - Bullet point Poraver_Kugeln Poraver - Bullet point Durable & dimensionally stable Poraver - Bullet point Creamy-white color Poraver - Bullet point Ecological, made of post-consumer recycled glass DISCOVER MORE BENEFITS

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