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Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing Systems | Premium Spray

Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing Systems

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Our PremiSeal™ polyurethane spray foam roofing system is designed to provide a long term, sustainable roofing solution that is seamless, watertight and virtually maintenance free. Our roofing system provides superior insulating power, dramatically improves your building’s resistance to severe weather and incorporates a reflective surface for unmatched energy efficiency. What Is Spray Foam Roofing? When it comes to roofing, a spray polyurethane foam application provides a seamless monolithic roof system with no joints, seams or cracks—so moisture, heat and cold can’t get in. Period. Premiseal and Premicote: Better Together. Used together, our PremiCote™ line of roof coatings maximize the value of your new PremiSeal™ Roof. How? The high R-Value and low air filtration of PremiSeal closed cell spray polyurethane foam reduces energy usage for any structure. An additional PremiCote seal creates a tough, weather-tight layer with UV light protection. It all adds up to a longer-lasting roof that saves you money on repairs in the long term and reduces energy costs from day one.

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