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Political Action Campaigns | Nercc

Political Action Campaigns

 The work that carpenters do touches every aspect of our society. Likewise, the construction industry is impacted by the work and action of countless groups, agencies and decision-makers. For that reason, it is important that carpenters remain involved and vocal about activity that impacts their lives. The union and its members place a primary focus on protecting the integrity of the competitive bidding system by advocating for a level playing field for those involved. Contractors shouldn’t get an unfair advantage because they ignore compliance with laws or regulations governing bidding procedures, safety, tax payments or workers’ compensation insurance. For that reason, the union and its members work with federal, state and local agencies and officials to ensure the compliance and enforcement that provide fairness. Beyond what’s legal, members stand up for what is right. They speak out in their communities and beyond about protecting standards for quality—for work, the treatment of those who produce it and the community as a whole.