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Plasterer and Cement Mason Training | OPCMIA

Plasterer and Cement Mason Training

Career Training in the Plaster and Cement Mason Crafts The OPCMIA operates a host of training programs that open doors of opportunity to fulfilling careers in our crafts for aspiring workers — and that guarantee the most skilled, safest, most productive workers in the world to contractors. If you’re looking for a career in a skilled trade with good wages and benefits and lifelong work in a fulfilling profession, you can earn as you learn to be a plasterer or cement mason through the OPCMIA International Training Fund’s Apprenticeship Program (ITF). If you’re still in high school or a recent graduate with no experience in the building trades, the OPCMIA’s partnership with the federal government’s Job Corps program, the National Plastering Industry’s Joint Apprenticeship Trust Fund (NPIJATF), enables you to join a pre-apprenticeship program that will give you a leg up in entering our craft. If you’re an experienced plasterer or cement mason, the OPCMIA International Training Fund keeps you at the top of your craft with upgrading and safety courses that incorporate the latest processes, materials and technological breakthroughs. And if you’re a contractor seeking a competitive advantage, OPCMIA apprentices and journeypeople ensure that you build your project on budget, on time, and to the highest standards. Simply put, training is the foundation for everything the OPCMIA does. Because our members and our signatory contractors depend on it for their success.

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