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PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

auto/CHEM™ System Automation & Controls

PHOENIX has designed systems for thickening and dewatering effluent slurries since 1984. Our auto/CHEM™ System Automation responds quickly to varying feed conditions for consistent dewatering performance and overflow water quality. Improving performance while reducing labor input, PHOENIX incorporates sensing, monitoring, and modulating equipment and software into an integral control system that provides maximum flexibility and adaptability. A properly designed dewatering system converts effluent slurry into a solid phase discharge cake. A sedimentation thickener upstream of the dewatering operation converts the process effluent into a thicker material for more effective dewatering. System operation is optimized and operating costs minimized when the solids feeding the dewatering press are controlled within a pre-defined density range. The components of the PHOENIX auto/CHEM™ system continuously control the press feed density while minimizing polymer usage.

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