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PhaseStor ™

Add Bulk Thermal Storage Without Replacing the Chiller

Built and driven by BioPCM®, PhaseStor is a large-scale, hot or cold thermal storage solution that can store more than ten times the amount of energy as chilled water.

Reduces HVAC Power Consumption

Bulk thermal storage allows owners to melt or freeze BioPCM during night-time hours and turn the system down or off during peak demand periods, reducing peak demand charges. PhaseStor systems generally require less energy to operate because the system runs at a tunable temperature and reduced run time.

Waste Heat Recovery

PhaseStor can be used in applications of waste heat recovery, as an example, reducing carbon emission while increasing the thermal efficiency of a system. PhaseStor adds redundancy in the system for times of scheduled chiller/boiler maintenance or outages.

Reduces Cost of Ownership

PhaseStor requires less equipment maintenance and less pumping than traditional systems, extending the operating life of your HVAC system. It maximizes energy savings using standardized, efficient components and could provide double or triple the savings over ten years.

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