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Pentagonals Rubber Tile

Pentagonals Rubber Tile

Rubber flooring is designed to be slip-resistant and have shock-absorbing qualities along with natural acoustic properties. It’s designed to have a long life cycle and low maintenance requirements. The rubber can be ground at the end of use and reused in the bottom layer of two-layer rubber products. This grinding and re-using can be done again and again when uncured virgin material is added. Job site scrap rubber tiles are recycled as part of the Tarkett ReStart program in North America. Tarkett's Rubber Tile collection is Cradle to Cradle Certified and Living Product Certified.2018 Winner of the Best of Year Award in the Hard Flooring category by Interior Design Magazine.For more than a century, mathematicians have been trying to solve one of the world’s most intriguing geometric puzzles—searching for pentagonal shapes that “tile the plane,” or fill a surface without overlapping or leaving gaps. In all this time, only 15 such pentagons have been discovered—and now you can use three of them to create distinctive rubber floor designs. No one knows how many of the novel shapes exist—a mystery that adds wonder and intrigue to these artistic focal points.Custom Designs in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose a Shape
  2. Select Your Colors
  3. Create Your Designs

Choose from three shapes: Diamond, Monument, and Shell.Comes standard in the Forged Texture.Broad Range of Colors

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