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Unity Pave-Land | Product Description | Pave-Land Series | Rubber Pavers | Playground Surfacing

Pave-Land Series

(Tiles/Mats/Blocks/Pavers) Pave-Land is Unity’s 11/2” (custom) and 13/4” thick rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products that are made from 100% recycled tires and rubber. These double tiles/mats/blocks/pavers have a unique self-interlocking design with “Button-Lock™” Technology that offers bolt down capabilities.....features that can ONLY be found here. They used to sit, walk, travel and/or play on. Passing four (4’) and five (5’) foot “drop height test” and many other safety tests…..including wind up-lift for rooftop applications, this product is ideal for: small playgrounds , rooftop: offices, apartments, hotels, buildings sustainable green roof, patio and/or terrace (big and small), daycare centers, recreational areas, pools & patios, walkways, basements and marina & docks. They are used in many other applications that are found indoors and outdoors as well as acoustical areas and even walls.

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