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P2S Lync is a Pipeline Data Management System (PDMS) compatible with IoT devices for monitoring pipeline integrity.

The natural process of corrosion is inevitable, causing buried assets to decay. Pipeline companies are perpetually in the business of fighting corrosion in order to protect the environment while meeting energy market demand. Monitoring pipelines is what indicates a leak or where and when our assets are exposed to corrosion. Without this critical information, companies would not be able to know what actions need to be taken to prevent and stop pipeline leakage.

P2S’s solution allows companies to better manage their cathodic protection surveys to improve corrosion detection. Our product is a PDMS software suite comprised of web and mobile apps for monitoring corrosion, surveying, managing surveyors’ workloads, and creating insightful reports. Through this platform, organizations with significant pipeline assets will gain a comprehensive picture of their pipelines in real time. This is important for two reasons. First, the activity of corrosion surveying is very time consuming and inefficient, and is a significant part of pipeline business operations. Saving time and money allows resources to be spent on pipeline maintenance. Second, corrosion damage takes time to form. By using the right tool for management and detection, companies can be proactive in preventing disasters and make more informed decisions, potentially saving millions of dollars.

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