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OZZI 480

OZZI 480 Model is monitored remotely allowing the ability to diagnose and assess its operation throughout its use and take corrective actions without an on-site service call in most situations. The on-line maintenance is maintained by remotely monitoring the workability of the OZZI collection system, allowing us the ability to diagnose/debug any mechanical issues that occur when the machine is in service. The OZZI machine has a list of self-checks that it performs on a daily basis. With an active subscription and a live Ethernet connection we are able to monitor the workability of the OZZI machine. Under the monitoring program, when the OZZI machine detects a possible error in its workability, an alert report is sent out to our remote monitoring center allowing us the ability to sign on to the OZZI box and debug any of the reported issues we have received. This also allows us to adjust the OZZI machine for each individual environment in which the machine has been installed. In addition by monitoring the OZZI system we are able to aid in helping your personnel with any physical repairs that might be needed to keep the OZZI machine in service for the participating patrons.

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