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Outdoor Grill Cabinet

Outdoor Grill Cabinet

Adding an outdoor cabinet for a grill to your outdoor kitchen is perhaps the most obvious choice of all when planning your outdoor kitchen. Grill cabinets for outdoor kitchens are available in 3 inch increments. The face of the cabinet is custom-cut to fit your exact grill model at no additional charge. Shhh! Here is an insider tip. Most outdoor kitchen companies are really grill and appliance sales companies that hire subcontractors to build a sub-par structure to hold the grill. If they make the most money on the grill, guess which appliance they put front-and-center in the design? The grill of course! When you look at the designs of outdoor kitchens online, notice how many outdoor kitchens are really shrines to expensive grills with very little thought going into the actual “kitchen” aspects of the outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is so much more than just a grill. Not only will our designers help you pick the right outdoor cabinet to hold your grill, we can help you plan a great outdoor kitchen that makes sense not just for the chef, but for your guests as well. We also carry several lines of grills and can probably offer a package discount that beats any price you’ll find online for a grill. We carry grills as a convenience and are always happy when we can help you by saving money. You’ll get a free design and no obligation quote just by contacting us and asking for help.

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