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OpenGate Properties

It’s about having the RIGHT PLAN 
at the RIGHT TIME.

We are focused on building best strategic land assets and leveraging their value through implementing sustainable, transit oriented, mixed use centers that are enjoyable and walkable in their design for specific industry sectors and community uses. TwinHills Calgary exhibits our commitment to sustainable community development and serves as our flagship CyberSynergy TOD community. 

Our experience extends into a number of development services. Through partnership collaboration or consulting with government, non-profits, and other private entities, OpenGate delivers specialized insights and integrative planning. Our results cover real estate research reports, stakeholder visioning, charrettes, multi-party engagement, concept planning, and concept visualization through renderings, video, and other media.

Our work focuses on utilizing FIVE BOTTOM LINE Principles to achieve "Work-Thrive" Class A commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use towns within a city. Through our operation of OpenGate, the FIVE BOTTOM LINE model has been used in the provision of: strategic planning advisory services, performance evaluation and business management consultancy services, marketing, public relations, educational information packages and public and industry educational presentations.

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