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Open-Cell Products - Demilec APX® 1.2

Open-Cell Products - Demilec APX® 1.2

A Revolutionary New Standard for Fire Safety Demilec APX® 1.2 is a revolutionary, open-cell spray foam insulation applied in attics and crawl spaces. It is compliant with the stringent fire test requirements of the International Building Code, and can be used in attics and crawlspaces without additional fire protection. Demilec APX 1.2 has an R-value of 3.7 at 1 inch, and is a half-pound density foam. In case of a fire, once the flame is removed from the spray foam insulation, the insulation will not propagate a flame. This superior fire performance eliminates the need for additional protection materials and provides a new standard for fire safety. Demilec APX 1.2 provides the following benefits: Air barrier Reduces energy costs Reduces outside pollutants Minimizes outside noise AC 377 Appendix X compliant No ignition barrier required Insulates and seals in one application California CA01350 – Low VOC compliant Excellent energy efficiency Superior performance and value Demilec APX 1.2 is in compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC), the International Residential Code® (IRC), and the International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC).

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