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Offshore Wind- Massachusetts Climate Action Network

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind Clean, Affordable, Plentiful, Renewable Energy OffshoreWind_(1).jpg Did you know that 1 megawatt of electricity can power 481 homes? The MA Senate bill includes 2000 MW of offshore wind energy - thats enough to power 962,000 homes! Offshore wind is an excellent choice to create clean, affordable ,plentiful, renewable energy. For the past 10 years, offshore wind energy has been a key clean energy source in Europe. From its 82 offshore wind farms, a total of 10,393 MW of electricity are produced, wow! Their massive operation also employs 75,000 full time employees. Right now, MA is deciding which energy sources we will rely on for decades to come. The current House bill contains 1200 MW of offshore wind and the Senate bill has 2000 MW. A committee will be forming soon to reconcile the two bills, and they will need to come to agreement on points including a final number for offshore wind in that committee. Your voice can have a big impact on this issue.

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