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NovaCork Panels - Ultra-Tackable Interior Panels | Homasote

NovaCork Panels

NovaCork panels are ultra-tackable interior panels that are completely finished and require no surface treatment. The top layer is a sheet of cork "planks refuses" laminated to 440 Homasote®. NovaCork is perfect for homes, schools, offices, and hospitals, wherever large tackable bulletin-board areas are needed. Energy-saving, NovaCork panels are noise-deadening, while providing extra insulation when used to panel peripheral walls or ceilings. These large, structural sheets are available in Class B 4' x 8' square edged panels. NovaCork panels may be installed directly to framing with nails or APA-approved paneling adhesive by glue-nailing. For a professional finish apply high-quality millwork or extruded aluminum trim and joint molding.