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Lawn Seed | Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed | Pearl's Premium

New Lawn Installation

New Lawn Installation Pearl's Premium is an excellent choice for new lawns. Simplified Instructions for New Lawns with Pearl’s Lawn Seed: Install 3" - 4" of good loosened topsoil (ideally with organic compost mixed in) Spread an organic fertilizer Spread Pearl's Premium lawn seed according to the concentration shown on the back of the bag Water in the morning for one month* Consider using an organic fertilizer, or compost (1/4") Once lawn seed is established, cut 3-4 inches high and always with a sharp lawn mower blade Over-seed following season to ensure thickest possible lawn Detailed Instructions (New Lawn) for the Ultimate Green Lawn: Install Topsoil Bed: Install 3" - 4" of good loosened topsoil to provide healthy bed for grass to grown in. If you are ordering soil for delivery, ask for the high quality loam that has been screened for inorganic materials (e.g. rocks, trash) and has organic compost mixed in. Rake to smooth soil Add Nutrients: Spread small amount of organic compost, 1/4 inch layer which equals 3/4 cu. yard for every 1,000 sq ft to help start seeds. This fertilizes your lawn for a year and helps keep out future weeds and grubs. Chose organic compost or fertilizer for healthiest living environment.

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