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Aiphone IX Series 2

NEW Aiphone IX Series 2

Aiphone is pleased to announce the next generation of video intercoms has arrived with the IX Series 2.

The new intercoms offer Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) integration, enhanced CCTV control, line supervision, backwards compatibility with the original IX Series and many more features and benefits to help create safer buildings with increased system flexibility.

End users can create more efficient security operation centers (SOCs) using the IX Series 2 as a single command point to control a variety of security layers. The IX Series 2 can page across multiple stations with general or emergency announcements and scan through video intercoms and CCTV cameras to monitor locations.

Other benefits of the IX Series 2 include:

  • Zero annual licensing fees. Users save money while avoiding repetitive, sometimes forgotten costs.
  • No added server costs. As a peer-to-peer solution each IX Series 2 station acts as its own system — a PoE network drop is all that’s needed. That also means there’s less equipment to maintain and if one station goes down, the others are unaffected.
  • Future-proofing an organization’s security investment. The Aiphone IX Series 2 stations are compatible with existing IX Series systems and will be compatible with future IX Series generations.
  • Scalability. The IX Series 2 can start with a single door and master station then expand as needs change or a business grows. This flexibility ensures the system will continue to meet individual communications needs.
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