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Neolith: Fact versus Fiction

Neolith is durable enough for use both inside and outdoors— FACT
Neolith is as great a choice for architectural exteriors as it is for countertops and veneers. Recent lab tests show it out-performing nearly every other façade material, including glass, steel, and natural stone, in both strength and functionality.

Since it’s so thin, Neolith can’t hold much of a load— FICTION
Though it’s available as thin as 3-millimeters, Neolith slabs have an exceptionally high shear rate. This means it can handle very heavy loads. Think of Neolith as the “super hero” of the surfacing industry.

Neolith won’t burn if it comes into contact with fire— FACT
In addition to being resistant to extreme heat and cold, water, and UV rays, Neolith will not burn. What’s more, it also will not smoke or emit any sort of toxic fumes when it comes into contact with flames.

Neolith requires special tools to cut and fabricate— FICTION
Most stone pros have access to a bridge saw, and this works perfectly fine. You can even score and snap some of the thinner slabs.

You can’t design a countertop with a large overhang when using Neolith— FACT
The maximum unsupported overhang for Neolith is 6-inches for the 12-millimeter thick material. So, yes, if you are looking for a large overhang area, you’ll want to consider other options or make sure it is supported properly.

Neolith is very expensive— FICTION
The price for the raw material is actually quite reasonable. But it really depends on what you are comparing it to. For example, compared to porcelain tile, it’s double the price. But the value of Neolith comes in the form of its very large size (hence the name of the company…THESIZE) Neolith requires far less grout and can cover a very large area in one slab. Right now, installation does tend to be on the higher side, as is typical with a lot of new products. Once fabricators and installers become more familiar with it, the price of installation will come down.

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