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Multi-Unit Distribution OFNR

Multi-Unit Distribution OFNR

Premises Multi-unit Distribution Optical Fiber Cables are constructed using 6 or 12-fiber subunits stranded around a central strength member in a RoHS-compliant design for fiber counts from 18 through 144. Standard fibers for these cables include Reduced Water Peak (RWP) single mode, TeraGain® 220/600 62.5 μm multimode and TeraFlex® 10G/150 – laser optimized 50 μm multimode fiber. All fibers exceed industry requirements. The design consists of flexible 900 μm tight buffered industry standard 250 μm fibers (900/250/125 μm) and is suitable for use with standard connectors, like the SC, ST, and FC, and small-form-factor connectors like the LC. Subunits are constructed using dielectric aramid yarns for strength while maintaining flexibility and are jacketed using the color appropriate to the type of fiber in the cable. The subunits are then stranded around a flexible high-strength glass reinforced rod which provides exceptional resistance to dimensional changes due to temperature. A durable, flame resistant outer jacket is applied over the cable core using appropriate OFNR or OFNP rated materials.

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