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MPX® answers the demand for a smoother veneer core panel

MPX®, the newest core innovation from Columbia Forest Products. This veneer core plywood panel features a Meinan®-peeled hardwood crossband under the decorative face and back, which introduces a new standard in all-wood veneer core panel surface quality. It reduces telegraphing, making MPX better for finishing and applications where a smooth, even face is needed. Of course, standard construction includes soy-based PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology.

MPX uses a Meinan-peeled hardwood crossband under the face and back, and is made with PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology. The result? MPX panels have a better surface quality than panels constructed with rougher softwood or hardwood crossbands. In addition, a hardwood doesn’t have the extreme difference in density between springwood and summerwood growth rings in contrast to softwoods. This makes MPX panels the smoothest domestically produced, all-wood core in North America.

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