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GAF | Mineral Guard Roofing Shingles

Mineral Shield™ Roofing Granules

Weather-resistant roofing granules for detailing and general roof repair Suitable for use on heat-fused membranes or with systems installed in cold adhesive or hot asphalt, Mineral Shield™ Roofing Granules are used as an aesthetic treatment of end laps and side laps on granule-surfaced built-up and modified bitumen membranes. Broadcasting granules into asphaltic flow helps prevent premature aging of the compound and creates a seamless appearance of the membrane surface. Mineral Shield™ Roofing Granules... Provide a multi-faceted design and light-reflective construction that adds dimension and depth to membrane products Contain a UV blocker that protects against damaging sunlight, improving durability of the membranes and the system Include Color Lock™ Ceramic Firing, which helps maintain the true shingle color Are weather resistant and designed to meet industry and code requirements.

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