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Microclover™ Black Beauty organic sod - Players Best - minimal water, no fertilizer input sod

Microclover™ Black Beauty organic sod

Microclover™ Black Beauty Microclover Black Beauty / Players BestFor instances where minimal water and zero fertilizer input is required, Sodco’s Microclover™ Black Beauty Blend (also known by the product name Players Best) is the perfect solution. Initially developed as part of a contract for the New York City Parks Department (which has strict water and fertilizer limitations), this remarkable product combines the best of Black Beauty Sod with the incredible benefits of Microclover™ organic sod. Unlike 'white clover' or 'dutch clover', Microclover will not colonize by spreading and growing only in patches. Microclover™ plants will remain small, individual, and evenly sprinkled throughout the grass to create a look that is beautiful and a lawn that is self-sustaining. Microclover's™ sustainability comes from its ability to create an eco-friendly lawn that produces its own nitrogen. This decreases the environmental impact of nutrient runoff and provides a healthy alternative to chemical lawn treatments.

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